Tanzania is Ideal Africa!

With its huge, unspoiled wilderness areas and plains loaded with game, the vast landscapes of Tanzania reflect an Africa of old. Tours to this beautiful country is timed to coincide with the arrival of masses of wildebeest in the central Serengeti, explores northern Tanzania’s exceptional diversity. With the rains having fallen recently, the landscapes display a fabulous palate of colors, from the fresh green grass to the red sands, to the billowing black afternoon thunderstorm clouds.

Almost every night, the epic skies produce a spectacular orange and vermilion sunset. Birds are in full breeding regalia, and watching the long-tailed, testosterone-laden widows and black, red, and yellow bishops frantically displaying and chasing each other is a major highlight. Our optional pre-trip extension visits the arid landscapes of the Tsavo corridor, the endemic-rich Usambaras, and the exotic Pemba Island.

Our Northern Tanzania itinerary is designed for the involved naturalist and escorted by professional expert=ornithologist safari guides-as passionate about birding as you are.

Our routed tours takes you to;

Arusha national park, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Ndutu Plains and Serengeti National Park. With client request we can extend to Usambara and Eastern Arc Mountain Range.