To book a guided birdwalk, or call:+254 727 856048
Lake Baringo
is classified as an Important Bird Area (IBA) and a Ramsar Site

Lake Baringo is a real birding hotspot that never fails to impress birders for its easily seen birds. Around the compounds of the Lake Baringo Club and Robert’s Camp one can easily pocket around 200 species within a period of 3 hours. Lake Baringo has approximately 480 species on its list and it was once home to the renown field guide leader and author of BIRDS OF EAST AFRICA guide book Terry Stevenson.

Four birding sites are available for exploration and have proven to be very productive in the past, they include: Lake Baringo Club, Robert’s camp compound, Lake Baringo trachyte cliffs and West bay.

Lake Baringo

Lake Baringo Biodiversity Conservation Group (LBBCG) provides high quality bird guiding services around the area and you can contact them by calling   +254 727 856048. The Club president Moses Kandie is a big birder, Joseph Aengwo, Wilson Tiren, Francis Cherutich and Cliff William Kiror are exceptional guides.

Rare species and specialties of the area which you are almost guaranteed to see are:

  1. Jackson’s Hornbill
  2. Hemprich’s Hornbill
  3. Bristle-crowned Starling
  4. Madagascar Squacco Heron
  5. Slender-tailed Nightjar
  6. Heuglin’s Courser
  7. Verreaux’s Eagle
  8. Lichtensteins’s Sandgrouse
  9. Greyish Eagle Owl
  10. White-Faced  Scops Owl
  11. African Scops Owl.
  12. Northern Masked Weaver

…..and many more! All of this can only be at Lake Baringo.

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