Birding Hotspots

Due to an incredibly diverse mosaic of habitats, the range and interest of East African birdlife is world renowned. The habitat diversity is perhaps best exhibited in Kenya, where the ‘patchwork’ landscape produces hotspots of localised and range-restricted species that lure birders from around the globe.

Kenya landscapes treat birders to a great number of specialist species found nowhere else on earth. Our bird enthusiasts rave about the rich rewards of the Mara and Meru regions, and will recommend guides. Find the Aberdare cisticola restricted to the grasslands of the Great Rift Valley, or the scarlet-tufted malachite sunbird found exclusively on alpine moorland. There are also a wonderful collection of birds endemic to the Arabuko-Sokoke rainforest…

If the visiting birder is less interested in rarities and more excited by the prospects of a large number of species including outrageously attractive ones, Kenya’s impressive array of cuckoo, turaco, sunbird, stork and bustard species will not disappoint.

Here you can find information on spectacular birding locations in Kenya and East Africa.



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